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English Class 8

Read the telephone conversation between Suresh and his neighbour's brother, Umesh from Jammu. Umesh  is reaching Delhi by Jammu mail. He wants his brother to take him from the Railway Station. Write a message  to inform Krishna. 

Umesh: Is that Suresh there? 

Suresh: Yes, I am here. What is good news? 

Umesh: Will you please deliver a small message to Krishna, your neighbour? 

Suresh: Yes, why not, I know Krishna personally. A few minutes earlier he was

    sipping tea with  me. How did you fare in the papers? 

Umesh: Yes, I am all okay. I have done my papers very well. Please request my         brother Krishna to  come to the Railway Station by car in the evening. I have     a lot of luggage.






28 August, 2022

2.45 p.m.


1️⃣While you were away, your brother Umesh called. 2️⃣He is arriving today in the evening by Jammu mail and has requested you to receive him from the railway station. 3️⃣He specially asked that you take your car as he has a lot of luggage.


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