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  • Our stomach contains hydrochloric acid which helps to digest food.
  • Too much acid causes indigestion .
  • To relieve indigestion we take antacids (antacid means ' anti-acid ')  such as milk of magnesia which contains magnesium hydroxide .
  • It is a base that neutralises the effect of excessive acid .

Ant Bite/ Bee sting:

  • When an ant bites it injects the acid into the skin.
  • The acid is called Formic acid . It causes irritation .
  • The effect of the acid can be neutralised by rubbing a mild base like moist baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate).

Soil Treatment

  • Excessive use of chemical fertilisers make the soil acidic .
  • Plants do not grow well when soil is either too acidic or too basic .
  • When soil is too acidic it is treated with base such as quicklime (calcium oxide) or slaked lime (calcium hydroxide)
  • When soil is too basic , then decaying organic matter ( manure or compost ) is added to it.

Factory Waste

  • Factory waste contains acids .
  • If they are allowed to flow into water bodies (like lake,ponds and rivers, etc), the acid will kill fish and other organisms.
  • The factory waste is therefore neutralised by adding basic substances .

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