English Class 6

Rearrange the following words/ phrases to make meaningful sentences:

(a) bring/ festivals/ life/ colors/ to/ the/ human/ of/ a

(b) many/ festivals/ celebrated/ in/ types/ India/ of/ are

(c) these/ Holi/ some/ Diwali/ of/ are/ Eid/ Christmas/ and

(d) festival/ Holi/ the/ colors/ is/ of

(e) celebrated/ India/ it/ over/ all/ is



  • (a) - Festivals bring colours to the life of a human.  
  • (b) - In India, many types of festivals are celebrated.
  • (c) - Some of these are Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.  
  • (d) - Holi is the festival of colours.  
  • (e) - It is celebrated all over India. 
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