English Class 6

Rearrange the following words/phrases into meaningful sentences:

(a) an old house/ poorest part/ Hari/ took/ to/ of Delhi/ in the/ Kishan.

(b) drinking/ where/ at a table/ a dark room/ four boys/ they/ sat/ went into.

(c) long/ fire/ stood/ an old man/ by the/ with/ black hair.

(d) an important/ duty/ place/ has/ life/ in.

(e) moral/ strengthens/ character/ one’s/ it

(f) complete/ disciplines/ their work/ selfless/ service/ it/ people/ in a/ spirit of/ to.



  • (a) - Kishan took Hari to an old house in the poorest part of Delhi.
  • (b) - They went into a dark room where four boys sat at a table, drinking.
  • (c) - An old man with long black hair stood by the fire.  
  • (d) - Duty has an important place in life.
  • (e) - It strengthens one’s moral character.  
  • (f) - It disciplines people to complete their work in a spirit of selfless service.
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