English Class 6

Change the following sentences from direct speech to indirect speech:

(a) Ram said to him, “You are not doing any work.”

(b) He said to them, “You are very sad.”

(c) Ram said, “You should work hard,”

(d) I said to him, “Can you tell me what the time is ?”

(e) She said to me, “Do you know Sohan ?”

(f) He said to me, “Did you lend me your book ?”

(g) He said to me, “Where do you live ?”

(h) He said to Mohan, “How much money do you want ?”

(i) The teacher said to me, “Sit in your class and learn lesson.”

(j) The teacher said to the boy, “Do not abuse anyone.”

(k) Mohan said to his friend, “Let us go out for a walk.”

(l) The king said, “Let the man be set free.”



  • (a) - Ram told him that he was not doing any work.
  • (b) - He told them that they were very sad.
  • (c) - Ram told him that he should work hard.  
  • (d) - I asked him if he could tell me what the time was.  
  • (e) - She asked me whether I knew Sohan.  
  • (f) - He asked me whether I had lent him my book.  
  • (g) - He asked me where I lived.  
  • (h) - He asked Mohan how much money he wanted.  
  • (i) - The teacher ordered me to sit in my class and learn my lesson.  
  • (j) - The teacher forbade the boy to abuse anyone.  
  • (k) - Mohan proposed his friend that they should go out for a walk.
  • (l) - The king ordered that the man should be set free. 
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