English Class 6

Change the following sentences from Indirect to Direct speech:

(a) He says that he is going to Calcutta.

(b) He said that he wanted a book.

(c) Ravi told his friends that they might go when they liked.

(d) The teacher told me that I have not done my work well.

(e) Suresh said that he had written a letter.

(f) She asked me if I would go to the cinema the next day.

(g) Mohan asked the postman if there was a letter for him.

(h) The teacher advised the boy to work hard.

(i) He requested his friend to give him his book.

(j) The father advised his son not to smoke.

(k) Kamal suggested to Hari that they should play cricket.



  • (a) - He says, “I am going to Calcutta.”
  • (b) - He said, “I want a book.”  
  • (c) - Ravi said to his friend, “You may go when you like.”  
  • (d) - The teacher said to me, “You have not done your work well.”  
  • (e) - Suresh said, “I wrote a letter.”  
  • (f) - She said to me, “Will you go to the cinema tomorrow ?”  
  • (g) - Mohan asked the postman, “Is there a letter for me ?”  
  • (h) - The teacher said to the boy, “Work hard.”  
  • (i) - He said to his friend, “Please give me your book.”  
  • (j) - The father said to his son, “Do not smoke.”  
  • (k) - Kamal said to Hari, “Let us play cricket.” 
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