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English Class 6

Look at the words/ phrases given below and rearrange these words to form meaningful sentences:

Examples: ground/ that/ Brahmi/ herb/ a/ on/ spreads/ is Brahmi is a herb that spreads on ground.

(a) India/ women’s/ basketball/ national/ both/ men’s/ has teams/ and

(b) teams/ hired/ players/ NBA/ who/ with/ coaches/ have/ extensively/ both/ have/ worked.

(c) In/ aim/ the/ popularize/ now/ they/ to/ game/ India.

(d) Women/ are/ establish their/ in recent years/ identity/ trying to

(e) feminist movement/ over the decades/ the/ is an/ the/ emergency of/ gradual build up

(f) status of/ present day/ women/ the social/ has become/ economic/ in the/ and/ satisfactory / considerably.



  • (a) - India has both men’s and women’s national basketball teams.
  • (b) Both teams have hired coaches who have worked extensively with NBA players.
  • (c) They now aim to popularise the game in India.   
  • (d) - Women are trying to establish their identity in recent years.  
  • (e) - The feminist movement is an emergency of the gradual build up over the decades.  
  • (f) - The social and economic status of women has become considerably satisfactory in the present day.

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