English Class 7

Rearrange the jumbled words to make a meaningful sentence:

(a) He chosen leader a was as.

(b) The girl playing toys with her is.

(c) Sonam of our class is the monitor.

(d) Dishonesty a man’s career ruins.

(e) At the door there is a man.

(f) Do your what say parents.

(g) What a picture beautiful!

(h) Mind own business your.

(i) She did we expected as.

(j) He has work hand in.



  • (a) - He was chosen as a leader.  
  • (b) - The girl is playing with her toys.  
  • (c) - Sonam is the monitor of our class.  
  • (d) - Dishonesty ruins a man’s career.  
  • (e) - There is a man at the door.  
  • (f) - Do what your parents say.  
  • (g) - What a beautiful picture!  
  • (h) - Mind your own business.  
  • (i) - She did as we expected.  
  • (j) - He has work in hand. 

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