English Class 7

Rearrange the groups of words given below to form meaningful sentences:

(a) together flock of a feather birds.

(b) me advised he law to study.

(c) pardon to him the judge prisoner the begged.

(d) a joy ever for is beauty of a thing.

(e) your watch by what time is the

(f) can tell me you the way nearest station to the

(g) Prime the minister announced relief the people to all the district of.

(h) Why to see her could not you go personally.

(i) policeman there stands the directing the traffic.

(j) have these mangoes flavour what a delicious.



  • (a) - Birds of a feather flock together.  
  • (b) - He advised me to study law.  
  • (c) - The prisoner begged the judge to pardon him.  
  • (d) - A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  
  • (e) - What is the time by your watch?  
  • (f) - Can you tell me the way to the nearest station?  
  • (g) - The Prime Minister announced relief to all the people of the district.  
  • (h) - Why could you not go to see her personally?  
  • (i) - The policeman stands there directing the traffic. 
  • (j) - What a delicious flavour these mangoes have.

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