English Class 7

Arrange the following groups of words into a sentence:

(a) was child flying kite a the.

(b) potato a is vegetable.

(c) crying baby is the.

(d) school go students to.

(e) speak truth we should the.

(f) go by train I.

(g) farmer has goats two and cow one the.

(h) father my is doctor a.

(i) live we in India.

(j) queen brave Laxmi Bai was a.



  • (a) - The child was flying a kite.
  • (b) - Potato is a vegetable.
  • (c) - The baby is crying.
  • (d) - Students go to school.
  • (e) - We should speak the truth.
  • (f) - I go by train.
  • (g) - The farmer has one cow and two goats.
  • (h) - My father is a doctor.
  • (i) - We live in India.  
  • (j) - Laxmi Bai was a brave queen. 
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