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Class 6
Chapter 12 Class 6 - Electricity and Circuits


The colored plastic covering on an electric wire makes it

  1. More attractive
  2. Resistant to corrosion
  3. Long lasting
  4. Safe to touch



The correct answer is (D) Safe to touch.



Which of the following is not an insulator?

  1. Brass
  2. Porcelain
  3. Bakelite
  4. Mica



Brass is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

So, Brass is not an insulator.  

The correct answer is (A) - Brass



Which of the following type of energy can be converted easily into mechanical energy, sound energy, heat energy and light energy.

  1. Magnetic energy
  2. Potential energy
  3. Electrical energy
  4. Kinetic energy



Electrical energy is a type of energy that can be converted easily into  mechanical energy, sound energy, heat energy and light energy.

The correct answer is (C) - Electrical energy



Which of the following is involved in the working of a torch bulb?

  1. Heating effect of current
  2. Magnetic effect of current
  3. Shocking effect of current
  4. Chemical effect of current.



The correct answer is (A) - Heating effect of current.



A torch which normally works on 4.5 volts of electricity is connected to domestic electricity supply of 220 volts. Which of the following will happen to this torch bulb?

  1. It will glow very brightly
  2. It will glow dimly
  3. It will not glow
  4. It will get fused.



The torch bulb which normally works at 4. 5V will get fused when connected to an electricity supply of 220V.

The correct answer is (D) - It will get fused

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