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The process of sending back of light rays which fall on the surface of an object is known as reflection of light.



The objects having polished, shining surfaces reflect more light than objects having unpolished and dull surfaces.

For example: A shining silvered mirror reflects back almost all the light which falls on it whereas a table having dull surfaces reflect back only a small amount of light which falls on them.



An object which reflects light well is called a mirror.


For example: A highly polished and shiny metal object reflects light well and acts as a mirror.

Plane Mirror:

A plane mirror is a thin, flat and smooth sheet of glass having a shiny coating of silvery metal on one side.


For example: When we look into a mirror, we see the image of our face in it. In this case, our face is an object and what we see in the mirror is its image. The image of our face appear to form behind the mirror.

There are two types of images that can be formed with light.

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