Adult humans have a total of 32 teeth in their mouth.

There are 4 types of teeth present in our mouth. The teeth have characteristics suited to different activities .

1. Incisors - Have sharp edges for cutting food into small pieces. 

  • Humans have 8 incisors.


2. Canines - Are sharp and elongated to grip and tear through food (such as meat).

  • We have 4 canines in our mouth.


3. Premolars - Have a flat surface and ridges adapted for crushing and grinding food into even smaller portions.

  • We have 8 premolars , 4 on each side of the jaw.


4. Molars - Have a flat and biting surface meant for grinding food. 

  • They are also known as the strongest set of teeth.
  • Humans have 12 molars each.
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