It consists of the following parts:

Part Name



There are 32 teeth in the adult human mouth.

Some teeth are used for cutting and biting

Some are used for piercing and tearing

Some are used for chewing and grinding


It breaks down starch into sugar


It is used to taste and also it mixes saliva with food and helps in swallowing food


Food is taken in to the body by Mouth


  • Food is taken into the body through the mouth. Digestion starts as soon as we put the food in our mouth
  • The mouth (buccal cavity) contains Teeth , Tongue and Salivary glands
  • Teeth help to cut the food into small pieces, chew and grind it.
  • Salivary gland secretes a watery liquid called saliva.
  • Saliva is a digestive juice which helps to digest the starch present in the food.
  • Tongue helps in mixing saliva with the food.
  • Slightly digested food is swallowed by the tongue and goes down the food pipe .
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