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Paheli and Boojho peeled some potatoes and cut them into small pieces. They washed and boiled them in water. They threw away the excess water and fried them in oil adding salt and spices. Although the potato dish tasted very good, its nutrient value was less. Suggest a method of cooking potatoes that will not lower the nutrients in them.



Methods of cooking potatoes that will not lower the nutrient content are as follows:

  1. Washing of potato after it has been peeled and cut, removes the water-soluble vitamins and some minerals from it. So, it should be first washed and then peeled and cut.
  2. The excess water in which the potatoes were boiled should not be thrown away as it leads to loss of some of the proteins and minerals. This should be avoided.
  3. A small amount of water and small quantity of oil should be used for cooking as it conserves the nutrients.

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