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Study the passage and answer any four questions from (a) to (e).

The activities of man had adverse effects on all forms of living organisms in the biosphere. Unlimited exploitation of nature by man disturbed the delicate ecological balance between the living and non-living components of the biosphere. The unfavorable conditions created by man himself threatened the survival not only of him but also of the entire living organisms on the mother earth. One of your classmates is an active member of ‘Eco club’ of your school which is creating environmental awareness amongst the school students, spreading the same in the society and also working hard for preventing environmental degradation of the surroundings.


(a) Why is it necessary to conserve our environment?



It is necessary to conserve our environment for preservation of drinking water and for sustainability of food chains and ecosystems.


(b) The green dustbin signifies:

(i) Non- biodegradable waste

(ii) Biodegradable waste

(iii) Plastic waste

(iv) Garbage



Green dustbins are used for biodegradable wastes.

So, the correct answer is (ii).


(c) State the importance of green and blue dustbins in the safe disposal of the household waste.



The significance of 2 types of dustbins is so that waste can be easily segregated into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable substances.


(d) In the following groups of materials, which group(s) contains only non-biodegradable items?

(I) Wood, paper, leather

(II) Polythene, detergent, PVC

(III) Plastic, detergent, grass

(IV) Plastic, Bakelite, DDT (i) (III) (ii) (IV) (iii) (I) and (III) (iv) (II) and (IV)



Options (II) and (IV) contain only non-biodegradable substances.

So, the correct answer is (iv).


(e) Disposable plastic plates should not be used because

(i) they are made of materials with light weight

(ii) they are made of toxic materials

(iii) they are made of biodegradable materials

(iv) they are made of non-biodegradable materials



Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance.

So, the correct answer is (iv).

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