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Observe the food web and answer the questions given below -

7.1 The mussel can be described as

a) Producer

b) Primary consumer

c) Secondary consumer

d) decomposer

Food Web Example - Teachoo.jpg


7.1 c) Secondary consumer

In the food web, if we observe the position of mussels with respect to other organisms, we will notice that algae is the primary producer , microscopic animals consume algae and are the primary consumers and mussels are at the next trophic level and are the secondary consumers .  

Secondary consumer-Teachoo-01.jpg

7.2 Which trophic level is incorrectly defined?

a) Carnivores – secondary or tertiary consumers

b) Decomposers – microbial heterotrophs

c) Herbivores – primary consumers

d) Omnivores – molds, yeast and mushrooms


7.2 d) Omnivores

Omnivores consume both plant and animal matter

Molds, yeasts and mushrooms are saprophytes that feed on dead and decaying matter.

Trophic Level Pyramid-Teachoo-01.jpg

7.3 The given figure best represents:

Food Chain Unlablled - Teachoo.jpg

a) Grassland food chain

b) Parasitic food chain

c) Forest food chain

d) Aquatic food chain



7.3 a) Grassland food chain

This food chain consists of grass, grasshopper, frog and snake that are present in a grassland ecosystem

Grassland Ecosystem-Teachoo-Teachoo-01.jpg

7.4 Why do all food chains start with plants?

a) Because plants are easily grown

b) Because plants are nutritious

c) Because plants can produce its own energy

d) Because plants do not require energy


7.4 c) Because plants can produce its own energy

Green plants are autotrophs . They make their own food which is consumed by higher organisms . Thus they can produce their own energy and all food chains start with green plants

Food Chain-Teachoo-01.jpg

7.5 In the food web, what two organisms are competing for food?

Food Web Question - Teachoo.jpg

a) A and B    c) A and C

b) D and F     d) B and D



7.5 d) B and D

B and D are present at the same trophic level

They consume the same organisms and thus compete for food

Two Organism Competiting Food Answers - Teachoo.jpg

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