A student while observing an embryo of a gram seed listed various parts of the embryo as listed below: Testa, Micropyle, Cotyledon, Tegmen, Plumule, Radicle. On examining the list the teacher commented that only three parts are correct. Select these three correct parts:

(a) Cotyledon, Testa, Plumule

(b) Cotyledon, Plumule, Radicle

(c) Cotyledon, Tegmen, Radicle

(d) Cotyledon, Micropyle, Plumule



Let’s check what the various parts the student listed:

  • Testa, Tegmen and micropyle are parts of the seed covering.
  • Parts of an embryo of a gram seed are:

PARTS OF AN EMBRYO - Teachoo.png

So, the correct answer is (b).


PARTS OF AN EMBRYO Cotyledon Plumule Radicle

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