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Read the following passage carefully: 

(1)It is an indisputable fact that the world has gone too far with the advancement of new technologies such as  mobile phones, the internet and so on, due to which people are able to tour the cosmos virtually sitting at  one place using their smart devices or other technological gadgets. Through mobile, internet access is ten  times hurried and short, it can still provide common internet features like alerts, weather data, e-mails, search  engines, instant messages and game and music downloading. 

(2)Due to the easy access of smart phones, communication has become very effective, efficient and faster. People  are able to convey their message all around the globe to their loved ones without spending hefty sums of  money. Adults are always fond of such gadgets and they always welcome and adopt such new technology  readily. Further, it has helped young people as they have been able to broaden their minds and improve their  skill by doing research on the Internet. For instance, they use smart phones to look up any new word they  come across. As we know that most of the universities have an online teaching provision, smart phones assist  the students to complete their assignments on time and avoid delay. 

(3)The mobile phone has been a lifesaver for a lot of people in case of an emergency. Likewise, use of smart  phones can be of vital importance in preventing crimes in the society by providing information to the security  forces in time. 

(4)Nonetheless, for the young, the use of mobile phone can be like an addiction and they can also misuse it.  Young people are also prone to getting involved in undesirable activities on the Internet. This might have  adverse effect on their academic performance. Therefore, young people should always be monitored and  made aware of its bad outcomes. 

(5)Also a major contributor to its popularity is the easy availability of prepaid or pay as you go services from a  phone shop or an online store. This allows subscribers to load text or airtime credits to their handsets by the  use of their credit cards, debit cards or by simply buying a prepaid card from the network they subscribe to. This plan also doesn’t commit a particular customer to a contract. If prepaid card is not that appealing to you,  then you can opt to subscribe using the pay by month plan.


Question 5 ( i )

How has the world advanced? 

(A) introduction of new technologies 

(B) strengthening the political ties 

(C) helping each other 

(D) maintaining world peace


So, the correct answer is (A)


Question 5 (ii)

What are the benefits of mobile phones for the  young generation? 

(A) They help in online learning. 

(B) They help look up new word they come  across. 

(C) They help complete assignments on time. 

(D) all of these


So, the correct answer is (D)


Question 5 (iii)

How can mobile phones be considered  ‘lifesavers’? 

(A) They automatically connect you to a  doctor. 

(B) They warn you of an impending crime. 

(C) They prevent crimes by providing  information to security forces. 

(D) They give life saving tips.


So, the correct answer is (C)


Question 5 (iv)

Mention any one demerit of mobile phones. 

(A) very expensive 

(B) take a lot of time to charge 

(C) affect academic performance 

(D) difficult to avail services


So, the correct answer is (C)


Question 5 (v)

Through mobile, internet access is  _______  times hurried and short. 

(A) ten   

(B) fifty 

(C) hundred   

(D) more than ten


So, the correct answer is (A)


Question 5 (vi)

Which of the following statement is true? 

(A) Smart phones can connect people with  their loved ones anywhere in the world at  cheaper rates. 

(B) Smart phones have distanced the people  from one another. 

(C) Smart phones have increased the  expenses of people. 

(D) Smart phones have made life easy.


So, the correct answer is (A)


Question 5 (vii)

How can young people be kept away from the  ill effects of mobile phones? 

(A) They should not be given mobile phones. 

(B) They should be strictly monitored. 

(C) They should be monitored. 

(D) They should be allowed to use the mobile  phones sparingly.


So, the correct answer is (C)


Question 5 (viii)

What has contributed to the popularity of  mobile phones? 

(A) cheap in cost 

(B) easy availability of services 

(C) various apps and its features 

(D) to show as status symbol


So, the correct answer is (B)


Question 5 (ix)

In para 1, synonym of ‘innovation’ is  _____. 

(A) production  

(B) sincerity

(C) invention  

(D) prevention


So, the correct answer is (C)


Question 5 (x)

Mobile internet can provide access to ____. 

(A) e-mails  

(B) letters 

(C) stories  

(D) none of these


So, the correct answer is (A)


Question 5 (xi)

It is an  ______________  fact that the world has  gone too far with the advancement of new  technologies. 

(A) indisputable  

(B) agreeable 

(C) acceptable  

(D) deniable


So, the correct answer is (A)


Question 5 (xii)

The meaning of the word ‘adverse’ in para 4  is: 

(A) positive 

(B) negative 

(C) Admirable 

(D) unguided


So, the correct answer is (B)

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