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Plants get rid of the waste product in the following manner:

  • Gaseous wastes, like CO 2 and O 2 , are expelled from the stomata
  • Water vapour from the leaves through transpiration
  • Solid wastes , stored in the plant body through shedding of leaves, peeling of bark, falling of fruits
  • Gums and Resins excreted from the lenticels in the bark
  • Some wastes are excreted by the plant in the soil around them



We learnt that essential substances are created inside the body of an organism. Thus there should be a process which can carry these essential substances to all parts so that it reaches every cell of the body.


Transport is a life process in which a substance absorbed or made in one part of the body of an organism is carried to other parts of its body.

Large organisms need transport systems, special tissues and organs which can pick up essential substances like food, oxygen, water, etc., at one end of their body and carry them to other parts.

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