The living organisms carry out certain basic functions which ensure their existence

These processes can be Digestion, Respiration, Transportation, Excretion, Locomotion (movement) etc. 

Such processes are called Life Processes .  

Life processes are necessary to maintain the life of the organism. 


Need for Life Processes:

  • The ultimate goal of a human body is:
  1. To ensure the existence of the organism
  2. To prevent damage and breakdown of the body 


In order to achieve this goal, the organism requires energy.


Energy is 

  • Acquired by Nutrition
  • Absorbed by Digestion
  • Broken down by oxygen acquired through Respiration
  • Carried to the rest of the body by Transportation
  • We get rid of waste by Excretion
  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 6 Class 10 - Life Processes (Term 1)

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