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Metallic oxides of zinc, magnesium and copper were heated with the following metals.


In which cases will you find displacement reactions taking place?


The reactivity order of Zn(Zinc), Mg(Magnesium) and Cu(Copper) is as follows

Cu < Zn < Mg ( Mg being the most reactive)


We know that, 

  • More reactive metals displace less reactive metals from their salts. 
  • When a less reactive metal is added to the solution/oxide of a more reactive metal , no reaction takes place ,

Thus in the given cases, we observe the following :






(i) Zinc Oxide 

Zn (s) + ZnO  (s) → No reaction

Mg (s) + ZnO (s)  → MgO (s) + Zn (s)

Cu(s) + ZnO → No reaction

(ii) Magnesium Oxide

Mg (s) + MgO  (s) → No reaction

Mg (s) + MgO(s)  → No reaction

Cu (s) + MgO → No reaction

(iii) Copper Oxide

Zn (s) + CuO  (s) → ZnO (s) + Cu (s)

Mg (s) + CuO  (s) → MgO (s) + Cu (s)

Cu (s) + CuO → No reaction


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