An element may be defined as a substance that cannot be decomposed into simpler substances by ordinary chemical processes. 


These elements are further of two types:

  • Metals
  • Non-metals

Elements can be classified as Metals and Non-metals - Teachoo.png


These are shiny elements that form positive ions ( cations ) and are good conductors of heat and electricity .


Metals are also malleable and ductile.

  • Malleability is a property of metals that allows it to be beaten into thin sheets without breaking. 
  • Ductility is a property of metals that allows them to be stretched into thin wires without breaking. 


Eg : Gold, Silver, Aluminium etc.



Elements that form negative ions ( anions ) and are bad conductors of heat and electricity

These show properties opposite to those of metals. 

  • Non-metals are neither malleable nor ductile
  • They are brittle and they break when put under stress. 

Eg : Chlorine, Oxygen, Sulphur etc.


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