Define the following terms.

(i) Mineral 

(ii) Ore 

(iii) Gangue



(i) Minerals

  • Elements or compounds which occur naturally in earth's crust are called Minerals.
  • These minerals may or may not contain metals.


Example: Salt,Clay Marble. 

Minerals  - Teachoo.png

(ii) Ore 

  • Those minerals which contain a very high percentage of a particular metal from which metal can be profitably extracted is called ores. 


  • Aluminium Metal is extracted from Bauxite Ore
  • Iron Metal is extracted from Hematite Ore
  • Sodium Metal is extracted from Rock Salt

Minerals and Ores  - Teachoo.png

(iii) Gangue

Unwanted impurities present in the ore is called Gangue.

Example -  Soil, Sand, Rocky materials.

Unwanted impurities in ores called Gangue  - Teachoo.png

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