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Assertion (A): Excretory unit of kidneys are nephrons. 

Reason (R): It has no role in secretion of urine.  




  • Nephrons are the basic structural and functional unit of kidneys
  • They carry out filtration , selective  reabsorption and tubular secretion to form urine in kidneys
  • Urine is then passed out through the urethra , via the ureters and urinary bladder. 
  • However, they have no role in secretion of urine. 
  • Urine is secreted via the urethra after being collected in the urinary bladder.

Nephron - The Basic unit of Kidney-01.jpg


  • The assertion is True
  • The reason is True

But the reason is not the correct explanation for the assertion.

So, the correct option is (b)

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