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Sol is a type of colloid in which solid particles are suspended in a liquid, i.e., the solvent is liquid and the solute is solid.


Thus, we can say that in Sol

  • Dispersed phase is Solid
  • Dispersion medium is Liquid


Examples of Sol

Examples of Sol are

  • Paint - Paints have small solid particles in liquid
  • Blood - Blood is a liquid which has Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells suspended in it
  • Ink - Ink also has small solid particles in liquid

Properties of Sol

Since it is a colloid, all properties of colloid are applicable to sol.

The properties are

  • It is a heterogeneous mixture
  • Size of particles is neither too small nor too large (1 - 100nm) but are too small to be seen by the naked eye
  • However, particles are large enough to scatter a beam of light; Tyndall Effect
  • Particles are stable , they do not settle down when left undisturbed.

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