Difference between distillation and fraction distillation?




Fraction distillation

Simple distillation is used to separate liquids with boiling point gaps of at least 50 degrees.

Fractional distillation is used to separate liquids with closer boiling points.

Uses a simple apparatus with 2 flasks and a condenser.

Uses a complex apparatus with a fractionating column.

In distillation, the process does not have to be repeated.

Here, the process has to be repeated several times to get the pure components.

Can be used to separate the solvent from a solute.

Cannot be used to separate a solvent from a solute.

Application: Used to purify sea water.

Application: Used in crude oil refining.

Distillation vs Fractional distillation 

(In fractional distillation, a fractional column is used)

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