Which of the following can undergo a chemical reaction?

  1. MgSO 4 + Fe

  2. ZnSO 4 + Fe

  3. MgSO 2 + Pb

  4. CuSO 4 + Fe



  1. CuSO 4 + Fe


Explanation : The above reactions are potential Decomposition reactions.

They will proceed only in accordance with the reactivity series

It is a series of elements arranged in decreasing order of reactivity.

(Most reactive on top, least reactive on bottom)

K > Na > Ca > Mg > Al > Zn > Fe > Pb > H > Cu > Hg > Ag > Au


Since Fe is more reactive than Cu (Fe placed before Cu in reactivity series), Fe displaces Cu .


Other options are incorrect as, based on the positions in the reactivity series, Fe can’t displace Mg, Fe can’t displace Zn and Pb can’t displace Mg.

  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 1 Class 10 - Chemical Reactions and Equations (Term 1)

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