Which of the statements about the reaction below are incorrect?

2PbO(s) + C(s) → 2Pb(s) + CO 2 (g)

(a) Lead is getting reduced.

(b) Carbon dioxide is getting oxidised.

(c) Carbon is getting oxidised.

(d) Lead oxide is getting reduced.


(i)   - (a) and (b)

(ii)  - (a) and (c)

(iii) - (a), (b) and (c)

(iv) - all



(i) - (a) and (b)



Addition of Oxygen to a Substance or removal of Hydrogen from a substance is called Oxidation.


Removal of Oxygen from a substance or addition of Hydrogen to a substance is called Reduction.


Oxygen is added to C, and it gets oxidized to CO 2 .

Therefore, C gets oxidized .

Oxygen is removed from PbO, and it gets reduced to Pb.

Therefore, PbO gets reduced.


Therefore, (c) and (d) are correct.

And, (a) and (b) are incorrect .



Option (i) is correct. 

  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 1 Class 10 - Chemical Reactions and Equations (Term 1)

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