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Explain the following terms with one example each.

(a) Corrosion

(b) Rancidity



(a) Corrosion


Corrosion is the attack on a metal which is a result of chemical reactions between the metal and surrounding environment.

These substances may be moisture, acids, oxygen etc. 


For example,

Rusting of Iron

  • Iron articles are shiny when new but they turn reddish-brown after some time due to formation of Iron Oxide (rust) .
  • Chemical reactions of iron with atmospheric moisture and oxygen results in the formation of rust

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(b) Rancidity


The spoilage of food in such a way that it becomes unfit to eat is called rancidity.

It is caused by oxidation of fats and oils present in food.

It causes change in smell and taste of food


For example,

If milk is left outside in summers, it gets sour

Hence, it is kept in the refrigerator to prevent milk from getting rancid .

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