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What is GSTR1? This Return contains bill vise details of different Sales Invoices These Invoices may be B2B (Business to Business),B2C (Business to Consumer) or Export It also contains details of Credit Note Debit Note Issued (for cases like Sales Return etc) How is GSTR1 filed? -Quarterly or Monthly If turnover more than 1.5 crore in last year GSTR1 is Monthly (or likely to exceed 1.5 Cr in current year) Due date is 11th of Next Month Example GSTR1 Due date for Oct is 11 Nov If turnover up to 1.5 Crore in current year GSTR1 can be Quarterly or Monthly as per choice of taxpayer Due date for Quarterly Scheme is One Month from end of Quarter Example GSTR1 due date for Oct-Dec is 31 Jan 2020 GSTR1 Due Dates If Quarterly One Month from end of quarter Example Apr-June 31st July July-Sep 31st Oct Oct-Dec 31st Jan Jan-Mar 30 April If Monthly 11th of next Month Example April- 11th May May- 11th June June- 11th July July- 11th Aug

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