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What is GST Challan

It is a form used to pay tax

It is to be paid in case of GST Payable

No Challan is Required in case of GST Credit


What is GST Return

It is a form containing details of Output ,Input,Sales and Purchase

It is to be filled in all cases

GST Payable,GST Credit or Nil Return (No Sales Purchase)


Hence,in case of GST Payable

We need to fill both GST Challan and Return


In case of GST Credit

No need to pay Challan

But We need to file Return

This GST Credit is also carry forwarded to next month


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GST Payable If Output is greater than Input, difference is GST Payable GST Payable= Output-Input We need to pay GST Challan Challan is a form to pay tax GST Credit If Input is greater than Output, difference is GST Credit GST Credit=Input−Output No need to pay GST Challan What happens to GST Credit? GST Credit is added to Input of Next Month

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