Before GST, there were many indirect taxes applicable like Vat,Service Tax,Excise

GST was introduced to ensure one nation one tax called GST


Indirect Tax Before GST.jpg

 Indirect Tax After GST

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Why was GST introduced

  • To Reduce Number of Taxes 
  • To ensure One Tax Rate of One time all over India
  • To ensure Uniform procedure for Return Filing Through out India


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Earlier Indirect Tax before GST Tax on Sale of Goods-Vat,CST Tax on Sale of Services-Service Tax Tax on Manufacturing-Excise Indirect Tax On Goods sold By Dealer-Within State-VAT By Manufacturer-Within State-CST Within State-Excise+ VAT Outside State-Excise + CST On Service Provided-By Service Provider Within State-Service Tax Outside State-Service Tax New Indirect Tax after Implementation of GST LocalCGST+SGST InterstateIGST On Goods Sold-By Dealer Within State-VAT Outside State-CST By Manufacturer Within State-Excise + VAT Outside State-Excise + CST On Service Provided By Service Provider- Within State-Service Tax Outside State-ServiceTax

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