Compare the above system with the probable systems in hilly/ mountainous areas or plains or plateau regions


The system of rainwater harvesting varies from region to region.


In hilly/mountainous areas such as Jammu and Himachal pradesh, rainwater harvesting is practised with the help of ‘Kuls’ and ‘Ponds’.

Kuhls are water channels found in precipitous mountain areas which get filled during rains and this water is carried to various locations by these water channels.

Kuhl - Water Harvesting System.jpg

A pond is like a small artificial low-lying area in which water gets collected during rains.

Pond Water Harvesting System - Teachoo.jpg


In plains, the water harvesting structures are crescent-shaped earthen embankments. These are low, straight, and concrete.

Crescent Shaped Earthen Embankments Water Harvesting System.jpg


In plateaus, harvesting methods such as Cheruvu is used. These are reservoirs to store runoff water

Cheruvu Harvesting System.jpg


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