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Q1. What is water harvesting? List two main advantages associated with water harvesting at the community level.



Water Harvesting means storing rain water and reusing it, rather than allowing it to run off. 


Two advantages of water harvesting at community level are:

  • It helps in replenishing the ground water
  • It reduces overexploitation of water resources

Q2. Write two causes for the failure of sustained availability of groundwater.



Groundwater is not available because:

  • Population : As population increases, the demand for water resources increases, which is leading to depletion in groundwater
  • Deforestation : Trees releases water vapour in the atmosphere and causes rainfall. Since the trees are getting reduced, the rainfall gets reduced, thus groundwater levels decrease


Q3. What is “Sustainable management of natural resources”? Why is it necessary? Which one out of reuse and recycle , would you practice in your daily life and why?



Sustainable management of natural resources means using our resources so that ecological balance is maintained and saving them to fulfill the needs of future generations. 


It is necessary because our population is increasing at a rapid rate, and the demand for these resources is also increasing. If we continue using these resources at this pace, they will get depleted. So, we should use our resources sustainably.

We should Reuse more than we recycle because reuse means using things again and again, and it is more environment friendly.

For things which cannot be reused, we should recycle.

Q4. What is a dam ? Why do we seek to build large dams? While building large dams, which three main problems should particularly be addressed to maintain peace among local people? Mention them.



Dam is a barrier which restricts the flow of river water.


We seek to build large dams because Large dams store large amounts of water, which can be used for irrigation as well as generating electricity


The problems which should be addressed for maintaining peace are

  • Construction of big dams leads to loss of lots of agricultural land. So, adequate land should be offered to them.
  • Construction of dams leads to displacement of local people. So, rehabilitation should be provided to them
  • Large number of plants of wildlife also gets submerged under water. So, the ecosystem of the area is destroyed.

Q5. What do you understand by “Watershed Management”? List any two advantages of watershed management.



Watershed management means to conserve soil and water so as to increase the bio-mass production.

Advantages of Watershed Management are

  • It helps replenish the groundwater
  • Since it is run and maintained by the locals, its benefits are distributed to the local people
  • Mismanagement and over-exploitation of these natural resources are reduced because the locals are controlling it
  • It helps increase production of crops


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