We as individuals should conserve our national resources by

  • Switching off electrical appliances when not in need
    Switching off-Teachoo.jpg


  • Using energy efficient appliances like LED bulbs
    Led Bulbs - Teachoo.jpg
  • Using stairs instead of elevators
  • Using Bicycles or walking for short distances
    Using Bicycles - Teachoo.jpg

  • Using Public Transport Wherever possible
    Public Transport - Teachoo.jpg
  • Checking Water leaks and repairing them
    Water leak - Teachoo.jpg
  • Using a rain water harvestin g system
    Rain harvesting System - Teachoo.jpg
  • Not wasting food
    Rain harvesting System - Teachoo.jpg
  • Making compost from kitchen waste
    Making Compost - Teachoo.jpg

  • Reusing Utensils and not using one use items

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  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 16 Class 10 - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

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