1. Employees must be registered online within 10 days from their date of joining. Thereafter employees can not be registered. (Normally registration of the employees is done while preparing e-Challan that is after the closure of wage period. Now it's to be done from the date of joining of the employee or else system will not accept the employee done with back date)*

  2. Monthly ESI Contribution can not be paid after 42 days from the due date. *(No clarity as to how to pay ESI Contribution for back period)*

  3. Employee whose per day salary is Rs. 176/- or less need not to pay Employee's contribution and the same will be paid by Govt.
    However, Employer will have to pay their share of contribution. *(Part time employees might get benefit of the same)*

  4. Employee will have to collect their Biometric ESI Permanent Card from nearest Branch Office. *(Earlier Employer used to issue it)
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