Here we will learn complete details about PF like what is PF, What are Different Rates of PF like EPF, EPS, Difference, PF Admin Charges, EDLI Admin Charges etc)


What is Provident Fund

It is a scheme for the benefit of employees,

In this scheme,

  • Certain amount is deducted from employee salary.
  • Some amount is also contributed by Employer(Company)
  • Both Employer and Employee Contribution is invested
  • Every year Interest is earned on amount Contributed.
  • Whole Amt (Employer+ Employee + Interest) is received later on retirement etc




What are the rates of PF?

Both Employer and Employee Contribute towards PF


Employee Contribution to PF

12% of (Basic Salary+ DA)

Note:- In case of Private Companies,there is no DA (Dearness Allowance) ,hence it is 12% of Basic


Employer  Contribution

Employer (Company) also contribute 12%

but it goes in 2 heads

  • Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) 8.33%
  • Difference 

  1 pf-image-2.png

Why Employer share is in 2 Parts, EPS and Difference?

EPS Amount

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Difference Amount

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Example 1

Suppose Basic Salary is 10000

DA is 2000

EPS=8.33% OF 12000=1000


Example 2

Suppose Basic Salary is 100000

DA is 2000

EPS=8.33% OF 15000=1250

Important Points


If Basic + DA is upto 10000, Calculate Employee and Employer Contribution?

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If Basic + DA is 2000, Calculate Employee and Employer Contribution?

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Question 1

Particulars Case 1 Case 2
Basic  5000 50000
DA 1000 10000
Special Pay 4000 40000
Total 10000 100000

Calculate the following

Particulars Case 1 Case 2
Gross Salary    
Total ER contribution    
Net Salary    
EPF Wages     
EPS wages    
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Question 2

What is EPF Wages?

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Question 3

What is EPS Wages?

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Other Charges Paid by Employer


                                                                Note:-Total here means total of all employees

What are PF Admin Charges?

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What are EDLI Charges and EDLI Admin Charges?

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Minimum PF

Note- Some Companies Pay Minimum PF on 15000 only

If Basic + Da is 20000(more than 15000), do Employee and Employer have to pay PF on 15000 or 20000?

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However, in Many Companies, Employee and Employer are Paying PF on higher amount of 20000

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Is EPF Rate Always 12%?

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What are the rules of PF for Workers Employed abrading Foreign Countries?

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In what cases EPS is not applicable

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