Both Employer and Employee Contribute towards PF


Employee Contribution to PF

12% of (Basic Salary+ DA)

Note:- In case of Private Companies,there is no DA (Dearness Allowance) ,hence it is 12% of Basic


Employer  Contribution

Employer (Company) also contribute 12%

but it goes in 2 heads

  • Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) 8.33%
  • Difference 

  1 pf-image-2.png

Question 1

Particulars Case 1 Case 2
Basic  5000 50000
DA 1000 10000
Special Pay 4000 40000
Total 10000 100000

Calculate the following

Particulars Case 1 Case 2
Gross Salary    
Total ER contribution    
Net Salary    
EPF Wages     
EPS wages    
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Question 2

What is EPF Wages?

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Question 3

What is EPS Wages?

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Other Charges Paid by Employer


                                                                Note:-Total here means total of all employees


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  2. Practical Payroll (TDS Salary,PF,ESI)
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