Earlier TDS Return Due dates were different for Government and Non Governmet Deductors in FY 2015-16

Period Non Government Government
April-June 15 July 31 July
July-Sept 15 October 31 October
Oct-Dec 15 January 31 January
Jan-March 15 April May 31 May


Now both have been made same IN FY 2016-17

Period Non Government Government
April-June 31 July 31 July
July-Sept 31 October 31 October
Oct-Dec 31 January 31 January
Jan-March  31 May  31 May



Form No for TDS Returns

Type of TDS TDS Due Dates
TDS Salary Form 24Q
TDS Non Salary

Form 26Q (if TDS Deducted of Residents)

Form 27Q (if TDS Deducted of Non Residents)

 Same due dates for TDS Salary and TDS Non Salary

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