There are different typesof energy like -

  • Kinetic Energy
  • Potential Energy
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Chemical Energy
  • Heat Energy
  • Light Energy
  • Sound Energy
  • Electrical Energy


Kinetic Energy

The energy of a body due to its motion is called kinetic energy

Every moving body posseses kinetic energy

Example - A moving car has Kinetic Energy


Potential Energy

Energy stored in a body because of its position or shape is called Potential Energy.

Example - A brick at some height has potential energy


Note: Kinetic Energy + Potential Energy is called Mechanical Energy

Example - A car moving up the hill has both Kinetic and Potential Energy


Nuclear Energy

Energy generated from nuclear reactions is called nuclear energy

Example - Power generated from a nuclear power plant


Chemical Energy

Energy generated by chemical reactions is called chemical energy

Example - Energy produced from a cell


Heat Energy

When a body has high temperature, it has heat energy

Example - A hot cup of coffee


Light Energy

Energy produced from light is called light energy

Example - Light produced from a bulb


Sound Energy

The energy produced by sound is called sound energy.

Example - Bursting of crackers


Electrical Energy

Energy produced due to positive and negative charges is called electrical energy

Example - Electricity going through wires


In this chapter, we will learn about Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

Lets study these one by one

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