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Chapter 11 Class 9 - Work and Energy

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This chapter comes under Physics Class 9, and in addition to the concepts and questions we have

  • Our special Teachoo questions - a mix of questions from all over to make sure you really understand the topic
  • Multiple Chocie Questions - MCQs from NCERT Exemplar, Case Based Questions and Assertion Reasoning Questions

In Work and Energy, we will learn

  • What is Work?

  • Work Done Against Gravity

  • Work Done by Force Acting Obliquely (Indirectly)

  • Positive, Negative and Zero Work Done

  • Work done by Body moving in Circular Direction

  • What is Energy?

  • Different Types of Energy

  • What is Kinetic Energy

  • Derivation of Formula of Kinetic Energy

  • What is Potential Energy

  • What is Power?

  • Transformation of Energy

  • Examples of Energy Transformation in our everyday life (like Cells, Solar Heaters, Iron etc.)

  • Law of Conservation of Energy

  • Conservation of Energy in Simple Pendulum

  • What is the difference between Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

  • What is the Difference between Power and Energy?

  • Does force of friciton do positive, negative or zero work?

Since the chapter had less numericals, we have added some numericals in the concepts and in the Extra Question Section.

The numericals are

  • An engine does 54,000 J work by exerting a force of 6000 N on it. What is displacement by force
  • A moving body of 30 kg has 60 J of KE. Calculate the speed.
  • Numerical for finding electricity cost
  • Calculate the work done by heart for each beat.
  • Activity 11.15 - An object of mass 20 kg is dropped from a height of 4 m


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