In reproduction, we can get 2 types of organisms

  • Babies Similar to Adults
  • Babies Completely Different To Adults


Let's look at both of them


Babies are Similar to Adults


In Human Beings,babies and adults have same body parts


Babies are Completely Different to Adults


Tadpoles(Baby frog) look completely different  from adult frog

They change from tadpole(larva) to adults by process called metamorphosis


What is Metamorphosis?

The transformation from larva (immature form) into adult is called metamorphosis

Larva and Adult look completely different from each other

Example -

Frog, Silkmoth




Example 1 - Metamorphosis in Frog

Egg of a frog develop into immature form called tadpoles

These tadpoles develop into adult frog

So there are 2 stages

  1. Hatching of egg to form tadpole
  2. Growth of tadpole into mature frog



Tadpole and frog look completely different from each other


Example 2 - Metamorphosis of Silk Moth

Egg of silkmoth develops into Caterpillar(larva)

Larva develops into pupa

This pupa develops into silkmoth


Tadpole and frog look completely different from each other



NCERT Question 3 (b) - Choose the most appropriate answer:

A tadpole develops into an adult frog by the process of

(i) fertilization. (ii) metamorphosis. (iii) embedding. (iv) budding.

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NCERT Question 8 - What is metamorphosis? Give examples.

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