What is IVF?

IVF Means Invitro Fertilization or ‘in Glass Fertilization’

In IVF, fertilization of female egg and male sperm is done artificially in a glass tube

Baby produced through IVF is called Test tube baby


Why is IVF Done?

Fertilization of male and female gametes happens in oviducts(fallopian tubes)

In some females, the fallopian tubes are blocked.

So, normal fertilization is not possible

In this case, IVF is done for fertilization


What is Procedure for IVF?

Eggs are removed from ovary of females

Sperms are taken from husband

Sperms are mixed with eggs in a glass dish(test tube)

When eggs are fertilized and embryos are formed

These embryos are placed in women’s uterus

After some times. these embryos are developed into foetus which later develop into baby


Baby formed through such method of In-vitro fertilization are called test tube babies


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Another term for in vitro fertilisation.

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