In Human Beings,Sexual Reproduction is used to reproduce

We know that in Sexual Reproduction,

Male and Female Gametes Fuse to form Zygote.This Zygote later develops into New Individual




  • In males, Testes produce male gametes called Sperms
  • In females, Ovaries produce female gametes called Eggs (or Ova)
  • Nuclei of Sperms and Ova fuse (combine). This process is called fertilization
  • After fertilization, zygote is formed (fertilized egg is called zygote)
  • Zygote cells divides repeatedly to form ball of cells
  • These ball of cells form tissues and organs,This is called embryo
  • Embryo further develop in wall of uterus
  • When all body parts of embryo can be fully identified, it is called foetus
  • When foetus is ready, mother gives birth to baby



Difference between Zygote, Embryo and Foetus





Fertilized egg formed by fusion of male and female gametes is called zygote

When zygotes divides itself to form ball of cells,it is called embryo

It is the stage of the embryo when all the body parts can be identified

It is a single cell

It is a group of cells

It contains millions of cells developed to form tissues and organs

It is beginning stage of formation of baby

It is second stage of formation of baby

It is a final stage when offspring(baby) is about to be born in a few months



What are Male Reproductive Organs?

There are 3 main reproductive organs

  1. Pair of Testes
  2. Sperm Duct
  3. Penis


We know that male sex cells (gametes) are sperm

  1. Sperm are made by testes.Males have a pair of testes(2 testes)
  2. These sperm are transferred through sperm ducts
  3. Sperms are finally released through penis



What are Female Reproductive Organs

There are 4 main reproductive organs

  1. Ovaries
  2. Oviducts(Fallopian Tube)
  3. Uterus
  4. Vagina

Ovaries produce eggs or ova

Oviducts are tubes near ovaries

Uterus is a bag like organ where development of baby takes place

Vagina is an opening from where male gametes(sperms) reach body


Female reproductive image



Procedure for Reproduction in Humans

Male sperm cells enter the body through vagina

They go into uterus and from their into oviducts

Ovaries produce egg or ova

Ovaries release single egg every month to oviduct

In oviduct,one of male sperm cells fertilize with the ova to form zygote

Zygote multiples repeatedly to form embryo

Embryo develops into foetus in few months in uterus of  the female

After few months, baby is formed


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