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Chapter 11 Class 8 Mensuration

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In this chapter, we will

  • First revise our formulas for Perimeter and Area of Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Parallelogram, Circle
  • and do some questions using those formulas
  • Then, we will derive the formula for Area of Trapezium
  • and formula for Area of Quadrilateral
  • We also learn the formula for Area of Rhombus
  • and find Area of any general polygon by dividing it into different shapes and adding the area
  • Then, we see some common 3 Dimensional shapes
  • And see what area of 3 Dimensional Shapes is
  • We Find lateral and total surface area of
    • Cube
    • Cuboid
  • and Curved and Total Surface Area of Cylinder
  • We also learn what Volume of 3 Dimensional shape is
  • And study formula of Volume of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder
  • We also learn how to convert cminto mL, L and m3


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