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Chapter 2 Class 12 Inverse Trigonometric Functions

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In this chapter, first we learn

  • What are inverse trigonometry functions, and what is their domain and range
  • How are trigonometry and inverse trigonometry related - with triangles, and a cool explanation
  • Finding principal value of inverse trigonometry functions like sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, cot-1, cosec-1, sec-1
  • Solving inverse trigonometry questions using formulas
  • Then, solving by changing trigonometric variables... like sin-1 to cos-1 or sec-1 to tan-1 and then applying formulas
  • Also, there are some questions where we do not know if it can be solved via formula, it is not clear. So, we do them. Please look at them before the exams.

Important questions are also marked. You can check the Sample papers as well.

Serial order wise

  Ex 2.1
  Ex 2.2

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