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Chapter 1 Class 12 Relation and Functions

Get NCERT Solutions for Chapter 1 Class 12 Relation and Functions. Solutions of all questions and examples are given. 


In this Chapter, we study

  • What a Relation is, Difference between relations and functions and finding relation
  • Then, we define Empty and Universal Relation and take some examples
  • We study different relations and check if they are reflexive, transitive, symmetric using different questions
  • Questions on finding number of relations are solved. These are important questions and can come in the exams
  • Then, we define Functions and do examples to check if it is a function or not. 
  • We prove functions one-one & onto, one-one is also called injective ; onto is also called surjective and both one-one and onto is called bijective
  • Then, we find Composite functions - fog and gof... and also what is domain and range of fog and gof 
  • Then we prove Composite functions one-one and onto
  • We learn what is an inverse of a function, check if a function has inverse or not and find an inverse
  • Then, we do some proof questions with inverse of
  • We learn about Binary Operations
  • And check whether they are commutative or associative
  • We also find Identity Element in a Binary Operation
  • And then, find its inverse


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