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  • Recycling and Reusing Paper
  • Reforestation


Recycling and Reusing Paper

17 Full grown trees are cut to make 1 tonne of paper

Paper can be recycled 5 to 7 times for use

We should save paper so that less trees are cut

We should also save energy and water used for manufacturing of paper

Harmful chemicals should be reduced in the paper making process

We should save paper, reuse paper and recycle paper





Restocking of destroyed forest is called Reforestation

In easy language,it means planting more trees to replace old one which have been cut or died

Reforestation can also happen naturally also if we keep  deforested area undisturbed

Benefits of Reforestation

  1. It will prevent global warming
  2. It will reduce pollution
  3. It will prevent droughts and floods and maintain water cycle
  4. Forest Products like wood will be available to us in sufficent quantity




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