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Chapter 7 Class 8 - Conservation Of Plants And Animals

Get Notes, NCERT Solutions, Worksheets of Chapter 7 Class 8 Science - Conservation of Plants and Animals. We have divided the chapter into Concepts, first the concept is explained, and then the question related to the concept is solved. We have some extra questions and worksheets for you to solve as well.


In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is Deforestation

  • Consequences of Deforestation

  • Effects of deforestation on Cities, Earth and Next Generation

  • Effect of deforestation on rainfall (and water cycle)
  • How can we help in Conservation of Forests
  • What are Flora and Fauna?

  • What are Endemic Species?

  • Wildlife Sanctuary, National Parks, Biosphere Reserve, Zoo - and Differences between them

  • Extinct and Endangered Species

  • What is Red Data Book

  • Migration of birds and animals

  • What is an Ecosystem
  • What are the Endemic Species of India


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