Effect on Cities

Increase in Pollution

We know that carbon dioxide is generated by industries and vehicles.

Plants and trees consume this carbon dioxide and help in reducing pollution  

If we cut trees, it will increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Deforestation will lead to global warming

This will lead to melting of glaciers

Areas near sea will sink in water

Effect on Earth

Animal and Plant Life is Affected

Natural Habitat (living area) of wild Animals and plants is disturbed.

In case of deforestation,there will be less forests,so these plants and animals will become extinct (die because of shortage of food )

So flora and Fauna is disturbed

Effect on Next Generation

Many forest produce will not be available

Example Food,Wood,Many Medicines

Increase In Droughts

Increase in temperature disturbs water cycle and cause droughts (less rainfall)

Roots of tree suck water from earth’s surface

This water goes to the leaves.Due to sun,this water gets evaporated and goes to clouds

This later fall down as rain

If there are less trees,less water will go up bringing less rain


Roots of trees bind soil together

Due to less trees,there will be more soil erosion(fertile soil is eroded by wind and water).Hence fertile lands will soon turn into deserts

Flooding of Rivers

During heavy rain,roots of trees help the soil to absorb water

However,in case of shortage of trees,soil will not be able to absorb water

This water will flow into rivers causing floods leading to loss of life and property

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